Vytogo - Adaptogenic powerhouse

August 02, 2017

Vytogo - Adaptogenic powerhouse

Adaptogens are natural substances that help an organism adapt to and avoid damage from environmental stressors. While there have been thousands of papers published on adaptogens, there’s one aspect of the adaptogenic model that has remained elusive since it was first described 70 years ago – why do these plants exhibit adaptogenic abilities? After having studied adaptogens for several years we started to notice a common theme in the literature on adaptogenic herbs – resilience. Without exception, plants that have been classified as adaptogens are known for their ability to survive in harsh environments, with some even preferring to grow in challenging eco-systems. As we considered this we began to discover that the mechanism of adaptogenic plants must stem from (no pun intended) their ability to survive in stressful environments.

The four plants found in Vytogo are great examples of this resilience. Chlorella, has remained largely unchanged for the last 540 million years surviving at least 5 mass extinctions. Hemp is one of the most successful crops in human history, able to be grown industrially on every continent in the world (except for Antarctica) without any pesticides or herbicides. Moringa can grow in extremely arid conditions without water, prompting some African villages to give it the name “Nebedaye” (never die). Finally, Sea Buckthorn originates from the Tibetan plateau where the temperature sometimes ranges by upwards of 25 degrees Celsius in a single day.  


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